Hubitat binding?

openHAB has a binding for MiOS (Vera) that was quite useful, as it let my Vera maintain the state of devices and then openHAB slaved off that. It let me set up my controls in an app that worked much better than Vera’s app.

This approach was two-way with Vera devices (i.e. you could control Vera devices as well as get sensor data from Vera sensors in openHAB), but there was nothing to push openHAB data into Vera (for example, if you had an openHAB sensor, you couldn’t use its data in Vera).

It would be nice to have the same linkage on Hubitat – the Hubitat cloud dashboard is very slow to load and isn’t all that mobile friendly. I’m happy to help in whatever way I can – I do some coding, but Java (which openHAB uses) isn’t my thing.

Anyone maybe interested in doing some coding to accomplish something similar?

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I just wanted to let people know that I have released an (open beta) Hubitat application that will advertise the local devices on Hubitat using both the MQTT homie3 protocol and the HomeAssistant MQTT Discovery protocol allowing automatic discovery of HE devices into OH. including Z-Wave and ZigBee devices. They are then controllable from OH.

There currently isn’t the reverse as (selfishly IMO) OH does not advertise its own devices using either of these protocols. So my app can’t discover OH devices but can import any arbitrary MQTT device into HE - so you can manually add OH devices to HE that use MQTT.

I am not an OH user so I am reliant on the OH inbuilt implementation of these two protocols - and in the past homie implementation has been badly broken in OH but recent reports using v2.5 have been promising from users.

There is the main thread here

and a specific homie/OpenHAB thread here

Let me know how you get on and any suggestions / feedback

PS This is not a binding - nothing needs to be installed in OH. It’s purely a Hubitat app connecting via MQTT - and will not run on SmartThings, before someone asks, as it’s ‘local’ and not ‘cloud’

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