Hue Binding Color not returning HSBType

Hi there,

I just tried the latest snapshot of openhab-online and the hue binding that is installed does not report the colour of lights correctly. The state of the item seems to reflect the brightness element only, the Hue and Saturation values are missing.

 "state": "100",
  "type": "Color",
  "name": "LivingRoom_Light_Colour",
  "label": "Colour",
  "category": "ColorLight",
  "tags": [],
  "groupNames": [

So it does! I think it might be related to this issue!

Looks like the Issue is closed in ESH, a build for openHAB will be available tonight.

Perfect, I will update and only reply if the issue persists. Thanks for checking into this.

Latest build 568 should solve the problem!

I can confirm that this has resolved the issue. I (despite promising I would not) wanted to reply as this also resolves the issue whereby the binding was not returning the correct types for items. With this build when a switch is linked to the color item it will correctly map to ON and OFF thus removing many rules! The zwave binding now also works as expected.

Yes, right, I should have mentioned that! This feature was actually what broke the updates - so now that both is working, it should help many users as it allows again to use Switch and Dimmer items for hue and other color lights!


I have upgraded to latest snapshot build from today. Now the Hue groups are not working anymore. The old releas from 11.11.16 was working fine. Has something changed since than?

Following error in the log when I turn off and on an light of that group:

[pse.smarthome.core.items.GenericItem] - failed notifying listener ‘[gHueLights_Wohnzimmer_Color (Type=GroupItem, BaseType=ColorItem, Members=8, State=null, Label=Wohnzimmer, Category=colorwheel), Licht_Farbe_WZ_TV_Rack_Rechts, null]’ about state update of item java.lang.NullPointerException: {}

Also the Paper UI control tab Show internal error 500. I am also not able anymore to switch an Hue Color Group on and off. I hope this will be fixed again in the next release.

Regards René


if I remove my color groups all is working correctly. But this was working perfectly before the upgrade. I did following changes in the item file:

/* active groups
Group:Color:MAX gHueLights_Alle_Color “Alle Lampen”
Group:Color:MAX gHueLights_Wohnzimmer_Color “Wohnzimmer”
Group:Color:MAX gHueLights_Schlafzimmer_Color “Schlafzimmer”
Group:Color:MAX gHueLights_Stehlampe_Color “Stehlampe”
Group:Color:MAX gHueLights_TV_Rack_Color “TV Rack”
Group:Color:MAX gHueLights_Lightstrips_Color “Stripes”

The problem now I am not able to control my light groups :frowning: Have somebody else the same problem since latest update? I dont want to go back to do all over the rules again. Also Kai stated that this should work since snapshot 568.

best regards René

Does it start working if you use a “normal” Group (i.e. remove the :Color:MAX part)?
In any case, an NPE should not occur. Please enter an issue at providing your log message and a simple example of such a group items that causes the problem.


no same behaviour after removing the :Color:Max from the group definition. I have opened an issue at github. Hopefully this will be fixed. Also the openhab android app and 3House is crashing if the color group item is part of the page. Something seems to be wrong :frowning:

thanks René


I have checked the snapshot from today still the same problem:

2016-11-17 14:13:08.515 [WARN ] [pse.smarthome.core.items.GenericItem] - failed notifying listener ‘[gHueLights_TV_Rack_Color (Type=GroupItem, BaseType=ColorItem, Members=3, State=null, Label=TV Rack, Category=colorwheel), Licht_Farbe_WZ_TV_Rack_Links, The argument ‘state’ must not be null or empty.]’ about state update of item java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The argument ‘state’ must not be null or empty.: {}