Hue Binding Errors

Hi all,

Random question that I’m sure has an easy answer but I’ve been staring at it for so long I’m going crazy.

Setting up my Hue bridge and lights, the hue binding is installed, and is correct as a thing…auto detect has found all the bulbs / motion sensors / switches so game on I thought:

I’ve picked the first bulb in my inbox after detection and added to my things via PaperUI:

All good so far, I add it to my lights.items file as both dimmer and switch so I can control on/off and brightness if I wish:

And then to test, I add it to my default.sitemap


So I can play around with it in the Basic UI and give it a test before moving on…

And here’s the problem, it won’t control the light, the switch and dimmer do absolutely nothing.

In the log file I get the following error:

and every now and then I get a Warning:

It seems to imply that the item couldn’t be found in the item registry, but I’m pretty sure it is…or is it???

Any help gratefully received before I rename it Broken_Hue_Bulb…

RaspPi3 / OpenHabian 2.4.0

Please take a look at the Channel links (at the right side there are two arrows, click them to see a complete list of linked items)


It’s blank…


But, I thought I’d created the link already…there are no options to select the item to link so does that suggest that I need to delete the Thing and start again?

EDIT - Sorted - I had a rogue Alexa binding and a few items incorrectly set up so it was taking OH about 30 seconds to display items, once I removed the offending issue they appear…

EDIT 2 - However, can anyone aid with my education in telling me why I couldn’t link this item to a channel on my Hue Spot 1 Thing by doing it through the .items file as I have done for everything else on my openHab system?

EDIT 3 - By doing it through Paper UI, I can see no record if the link in any .items file, am I to assume that I either choose one way or the other, it’s PaperUI v .items editor, for all future development? Or do I have to then go into my.items and add the item again for completeness - ie add another step to the process?