Hue Binding - fadingLightCommand

Hi OH community,

2 questions related to the 2.5 Hue binding fadingLightCommand:

  1. Has anyone got the fadingLightCommand working for Colour Temperature Light (white light) channel? It works great for standard colored lights, but for my white LEDs, the command never dims, it seems to only control the lighting in a binary on/off state.

  2. Is the fadingLightCommand not meant to fade between white to color modes and vice versa? I’m using the following rule but the result is the light jumps from white to red instead of gradually fading. If I use the color channel for both conditions (i.e. orange to red), the light fades as expected:

     if (KitchenLockStatus.state == ON)
		hueActionsColor.fadingLightCommand("color", new PercentType(0), new DecimalType(1000))
	} else if (KitchenLockStatus.state == OFF)
		hueActionsColor.fadingLightCommand("color", new HSBType(new DecimalType(359), new PercentType(88), new PercentType(100)), new DecimalType(2000))


Hi @roy_liao,

Currently I am not very familiar with the new fadingLightCommand action. But I am very interested in it because I have a nice use-case in my setup for it. Currently I am using a complex script for it based on locks and timers which I can completely removed if this action will work nicely. Additionally a color temperature light is involved. I will keep you posted once I have done my tests.

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Thanks @cweitkamp,

Looking forward to hearing your results! It works great, just can’t seem to get it running on the white channel for some reason.

Hi @roy_liao,

did you got number 2 working? I´m currently trying to use the fading light command to fade my light from OFF to a specific color but it seems to “skip” the fadeTime and jumps to the color instead of fading.

This is weird since I was able get this working in oH 2.5 with my old build. Also if I change the B value of the HSB value it works but only once and after the second run it just jumps again.

@DavidM No, i’m afraid I never did get it working.

I assumed it was a hardware issue since this fixture is using gledopto zigbee bulbs, not official hue bulbs, so I thought there may have been an issue with the bulb firmware and abandoned the effort to fix it. For now, I just live with the color jumping to white.

Interesting that you got it to work on 2.5. You got further than I did! Are you saying it stopped working for you after moving to 3.0?

@roy_liao Hmm… At least I can say that this isnt a hardware problem since I’m using Hue lights except one.

I got it working with 2.5 but thought I’d give 3.0 a fresh start, not not thinking that THIS wont work. I’m trying to find my old rule files since I did Backups back then and maybe I can find smth.

I’ll dig and try further and report back if I’m able to find smth since I really like this fade command.

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