HUE binding - Failed to connect to Hue bridge: HTTP request timed out

I would like to report the following finding with HUE bridge connection:

Frequently the following error messages were shown in openhab.log file:
2016-12-01 09:06:05.182 [WARN ] [.h.internal.hardware.HueBridge] - Failed to connect to Hue bridge: HTTP request timed out.
2016-12-01 09:06:05.183 [WARN ] [inding.hue.internal.HueBinding] - Hue settings were null, maybe misconfigured bridge IP.

openHAB was then in most cases unreachable thru Putty or WinSCP.
Situation happened intermittent, may be 75% of the time no connection, 25% of the time there was a connection.

My Internet setup is as follows:
Telekom Speedport Hybrid router for internet DSL connection - WiFi disabled.
Fritzbox 3370 connected thru Ethernet cable with the Speedport router, WiFi enabled.

Hue Bridge connected to Fritzbox.

After connecting the Bridge directly to the Speedport router the HTTP timeout problems completely disappeared.

Cheers Markus.