Hue Binding, hope new Syntax


i hope there is a right Place for a wish.

Im a beginner (3 Days) of Openhab and like it. But i have a change request, and i dont know how can i send it at guthub. Maybe here.

When i use the Hue Binding i made in this section a Entry (yes, i made it in the .thinks manual) like this
0010 plug2-Esstischlampe-Wohnzimmer "Esstisch Wohnzimer" [lightID="28"]

i think a better usecase is
Thing hue:0010:0017884xxxxx:28 "Deckenlampe Wohnzimmer" [ lightId="28"]

But i must use the lightId (aaarg, many Problem, when i write capital letter).
In my opion this is not necessary, because the lightId is in the Thing Strin include.

When the binding use the Thing syntax without lightId there is a shorter syntax an i hope not so many problems (my problem with capital letters).

With regards,


Your problem would go away if you used the paperUI to define your things

Hello vzorglub,

i write, i like it to create the items manually.
My Entry is a hint, to create a shorter syntax.

With regards,