Hue Binding item does not sync to current scene


i have successfully integrated hue in openhab. According to the docs, i also created an item for the lightscene for one of my light groups

String LightScene { channel=“hue:bridge:1:scene”}

But if i change the scene in hue app / remote control, the item wont switch to the current selected scene. If i change the scene from openhab, it will sync correctly.

What do i miss?

Background: i wanna switch on a addtional light using a smart plug but which is not part of the hue system. The plug should switch to on when a certain scene was activated.

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This channel is only a “command” channel, that’s why its state is not updated when the scene is triggered with the hue app.

Ah okay, sounds reasonable. But how to get the current scene then? Would really love to integrate different systems into openhab.

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I don’t know scenes in Hue, but only in knx.
In knx a scene is write only.
Sure, it’s possible to monitor the scene group address so openHAB will receive all scene commands, but there is no way to get information about the present state, as you can always call a scene and afterwards change some channels that are affected through the scene, so that the scene is no longer valid. I guess that is also true for Hue.
Example: Let’s say we have one Hue lamp and a scene defined, that only this Hue lamp is affected by. The scene is, do set the brightness to 50% (white). Now the scene is called, so the lamp is 50% white.
Switch off. the Scene is no longer valid (obviously). Switch on to 100%. Now dim to 50% white. Is the Scene valid or not?
I think, a scene is “fire and forget”, so the scene is sent, all lights are switched to the preferred level and that’s it. In my house I use scenes to set up groups of lights (and also blinds) to a certain level. If I want another level, I use another scene. If I want to adjust one or two of the lights, I adjust them. But this is only an adjustment. It makes no sense to know about the scene which was called, I know exaclty which light is at which level, that’s enough.