Hue binding lost pairing after service restart

The other day I upgraded to the latest Hue bridge firmware. Every time I restart openHAB, the pairing is lost. I am unsure what is causing this.

How can I download the latest nightly?

Is there a token file on my server that I can check for validity?

Hi I’ve got the same issue since some day. But i don’t know what i changed. Sure I did upgrade the Hue Firmware but no changes in Openhab. After every Restart of the Raspberry Pi I have to Press the Button on the Hue to connect it again.

I would be very interested in any hint.

ok. I’ve found this thread that explains the error.
Seems to be only an error in the Log. Hue Binding works after reboot. Just brings up the messages to bind again.

My issue was persistent. It actually wasn’t paired. I couldn’t connect my openHAB installation to the bridge. The workaround that finally did it for me was to set a new secret in the config file (and I am running a nightly of the binding, not sure if this helped, too).

ok thanks. maybe i’ll try to set a new secret too.
It seems that my Hue bridge disconnects every time but still works afterwards. so only the annoying messages in the log.

It does work to issue commands but polling is broken.

Sounds like that is the issue I also am experiencing, polling is not working after a restart of the openhab service. Quite annyoing when you are doing lots of smaller adjustments/config changes.