HUE Binding no control

Hi everyone,
i just started with openhab 2.4.0 snapshot. i dont have too much
experience with openhab, just tried a little so far…

i installed the hue binding. after initialising the bridge my three lights
are in the inbox. so far easy cheesy…
but the lights dont appear in the “control” window.
if i change the location to a new room, the room appears, but without
the light ???

any idea how to get this running

thanks for your help !

p.s. i already have ikea tradfri and homematic running without any problem…

Hello Stefan,

do you want to use your lights with the BasicUI Page eg. via browser or OpenHAB App?

Then you have to create items and an sitemap.

I can post my config here.

HUE was running perfect, also with my KNX wall switches, but since aprox one month, sometimes the HUE lights do not respond.

within in the PaperUI you can find out the identification number of the HUE lamp. E.g. click on the left grey button:

On the upcoming site, you find the belonging “channels” (like functions) of the lamp:


On the right side, you find a little “copy button”, you can use this for error-free pasting to the item file:

Dimmer Licht_2OG_Bad_Spiegelschranklicht            "BadSpiegelschrank"     <light>         (g2OG_Lichter, g2OG_Bad_Lichter)                    { channel="hue:0210:XXXXXXXXXXX:Y:color", knx="0/0/56+<0/0/57, 0/0/58ss+<0/0/59" }
// simple version:
Dimmer Licht_2OG_Bad_Spiegelschranklicht            "BadSpiegelschrank" channel="hue:0210:XXXXXXXXXXX:Y:color" }

In the sitemap file, you need a “slider” (the second item after the switch. Both switches are for other lamps.)

sitemap demohue label="HUE light"

Frame label="Bath" icon="toilet"{

	Switch			item=Licht_2OG_Bad_Spiegellicht					label="Spiegel"
	Slider			item=Licht_2OG_Bad_Spiegelschranklicht			label="Spiegelschrank"
	Switch			item=Licht_2OG_Bad_Deckenlicht					label="Deckenlicht" 

After that, visit (http://openhab:8080/basicui/app) the BasicUI Site, choose the right sitemap (demohue) and you should be switching your lights …

Watch out which type of HUE light (RGB or only white) you are using. Also read the OH Docs: