Hue Binding: Osram Lightify Plug (Type: 0000)


i bought the osram lightify plug and at first i configured it as zigbee type 0000, however there is no compatible channel to use it.


Bridge hue:bridge:xxx[ ipAddress="xxx", userName="xxx" ] {
	0000 20 [ lightId="20" ]
	0000 21 [ lightId="21" ] 


Switch S_BR_Heater_S "Heater Bedroom" (H_Lamps) { channel="hue:0000:xxx:20:???" }
Switch S_B_Heater_S "Heater Bathroom" (H_Lamps) { channel="hue:0000:xxx:21:???" }

Therefore i wasn’t able to use the Osram Plug, now i configured it as the type 0100 with the channel brightness and i am a able to switch the plug on/off.

Bridge hue:bridge:xxx[ ipAddress="xxx", userName="xxx" ] {
	0100 20 [ lightId="20" ]
	0100 21 [ lightId="21" ] 


Switch S_BR_Heater_S "Heater Bedroom" (H_Lamps) { channel="hue:0100:xxx:20:brightness" }
Switch S_B_Heater_S "Heater Bathroom" (H_Lamps) { channel="hue:0100:xxx:21:brightness" }

Is this working as intended? In my opinion, the zigbee type 0x0000 should have a channel “switch” just to switch the plug/bulb on/off.




I have also added 2 Osram lightify plugs to my Philips Hue and were experiencing similar things as you are.
I do though have it working now as I want. There is a switch channel.
My things file:

Bridge hue:bridge:0017882a7dcb [ ipAddress="xxx", userName="xxx" ] { 
  0000 cozylight [ lightId="3" ] 
  0000 mrpeelight [ lightId="4" ] 

My items file:

Switch Cozy_Lights            "Cozy Lights"      [ "Switchable" ] {channel="hue:0000:0017882a7dcb:cozylight:switch"}
Switch Mr_Pee_Light           "Mister Pee Light" [ "Switchable" ] {channel="hue:0000:0017882a7dcb:mrpeelight:switch"}

In paper UI I have it online:

Let me know if you need any assistance from me. :smile:


I just saw these plugs and I am thinking of using them 2 in same doubleoutlet for toaster and coffemachine with function pressing button on plug will result in 30 minutes of on then auto off.


  1. I guess making a rule would make it possible to shut off after say 30 minutes every time they are on?
    (probably dumb questions but not into OpenHab yet)

  2. can you fit your 2 plugs in same “double-outlet”?


There shouldn’t be any trouble in setting up a rule for shutting off after 30 min. It can easily be done in OH.
To your second question I think you will get in trouble if you try to fit 2 plugs in a double outlet. The plug is quite big and clunky. Your double outlets might be different from mine, so I cannot tell for sure, but they wouldn’t fit in mine side by side. :wink:

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