Hue Binding: Type issue after update to OpenHAB 3.3


I think this is an issue with the Hue Binding, because after updating from OpenHAB 3.2 to 3.3 I get now for my motion sensors the following hint in OpenHAB Thing configuration:



{ledindication=Der Datentyp des Wertes (class java.math.BigDecimal) stimmt nicht mit der Typen-Deklaration (BOOLEAN) in der Konfigurationsbeschreibung überein.}

My guess is, because OpenHAB is now more restrictive on type checking, that the Hue Binding uses internally a BigDecimal for the LED indication value instead of a Boolean.

Is my assumption right and can somebody fix this?

That would mean you could replace false/true in your config with e.g. 0/1 and the error should disappear ?

EDITed: the above is not correct. Needs to be: replace the decimal with a boolean.

Hmm, not sure what you exactly mean. I think this has something to do with the things created by the hue binding. It seems, if I take a look at the “Code” tab page, that the ledindication has a value of 16000. This one is shown at the “Thing” tab page for “Dunkel-Schwellwert”. Sounds a bit, that here is a type mismatch in the binding itself?
Here some screenshots to show what I’m talking about. May be this helps to find the problem:

Might want to look here. Ledindication needs to be boolean (it seems- can’t read German and don’t have the device)


I might be wrong but as far as I understand in the past any value <> 0 was assumed to be true while 0 was false. Typechecking now expects true or false but not a number.
Use the code tab to replace the decimal by a boolean.
So my previous description was wrong ( needs to be swapped ).

ah - yes, thanks @apella12 & @Wolfgang_S!
You were both right!
I set the ledindication to e.g. true (a boolean type value) in the “code” tabpage and then everything is fine after pressing save!
This value is represented by the switch “LED-Anzeige” on the “Thing” tab page.

The “Dunkel-Schwellwert”'s value is stored in tholddark.

If I switch the “LED-Anzeige” on the “Thing” tab page to a new position and save the “Thing” tab page, then I see that the ledindication on the “code” page is set accordingly to true or false, BUT this does not remove the error message! It’s a must to press save on the “code” tabpage with a boolean value for led indication.

Anyway - the above solution works fine! Many thanks to you both!
Only question may be, if other users will also run into this issue and what happens on a fresh install of the binding? Will ledindication then be set immediately to a boolean value?

Had the same problem with hue light sensor, I removed and re-added the thing and now it works fine. Not sure what went wrong (even after reading the discussions here)…