Hue Binding

Can someone please so the love of god tell me how to add my hue to openhab.

I have a working sitemap with my heating configured and working. I am trying to add the hue hub but the instructions for the hue binding make no sense to me.

I have the ip address and secret required but how do I pair the thing? I take it the bridge id is the number shown in the hue app consisting of 15 digits.

The instructions here do not really explain how to pair the bridge if you are adding it manually through a thing file.

Once it is added as a Thing, its authentication button (in the middle) needs to be pressed in order to authorize the binding to access it.

I had the same issue, assigning the Bridge a static IP and then pressing the button (and waiting for a bit) helped in my case

As stated by @sihui, the binding uses UPnP to find the bridge and adds it in Paper UI as UNINITIALIZED (or something similar). Next, you have to press the button on the bridge to have it generate a userid. This looks like BvW2102XezILmIpbelDisdZBvkP8MPgk1loHL1FM (a long string of random characters) - the Hue App won`t help you there, After having it initialized, the binding will add all hue devices to the Inbox in Paper UI to be added as items.

If the bridge is not discovered, something in your network configuration is blocking the UPnP messages. In that case you should revert to the Hue API to manually generate a userid.

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