Hue Bridge Backup and Restore

Has anybody found a good solution to backup your HUE Bridge and Restore it?

I would ideally like to backup my active HUE Bridge and restore it on a “new” HUE Bridge to use it as a HOT spare in case the active one dies.

Best, Jay

Google found this project:

Havn’t tested it myself but looks like Hue API provides some mechanisms to to a backup and restore. I don’t have a developer account to view the api documentation but found this link in a reddit post:

Maybe someone with Hue developer account could provide some insight.

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Here’s some info about a Andriod phone app that does “some” of it but doesn’t do it all.

From: abhishek bansal <> 
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Hello, this is not possible with the app because app does not take full backup of the bridge (eg scenes groups etc). App just saves and restores light states. Also, restoring across the bridge is particularly challenging because resource IDs are generated by bridge and will vary across the bridges.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2019, 4:39 AM Mr Wiseman wrote:

I have a smart home using and I have a HUE Bridge setup.
I want to back up my current HUE Bridge and restore it onto another “new” HUE Bridge as a backup.
Is this possible with your Hue Restore Phone App?