HUE Bridge internal pollings


i searched google, but i did not find anything about it, so i wanted to check here.

if I do the following, correct me if I’m wrong,
Switch TestsensorPresence “Bewegung”
then “TestsensorPresence” holds the actual state of my “hueMotionSensorPresence6” and updates itself every 250ms.

if I’m right up there, then the following question occurse:

Whats the internal poll timer of the hue bridge?
i tried to figure it out by keep pressing “F5” on my “hueMotionSensorPresence6.url=” and i think its around 5 seconds.

is there somebody who can confirm this?
or someone who can tell me something like “…you fool, you can change the polling time in hue…”?

(the setting in the hue binding, where you can set polling, is only a global timer for polling the bridge, and does not effect the hue brigde himself)

for example if its not clear enough what i mean:

i poll the state of my motion sensor every 250ms, so i get the value (ON) for about 5 seconds until the hue bridge itself polls the motion sensor and and notices that the state has changed, after that i receive the state “OFF”

thanks guys!

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