Hue Bridge vs CC2531

I’ve tried multiple setup of my hue lights (and samsung sensors) with both the hue bridge and two CC2531. I first bought a cheap CC2531 without antenna… I think I toasted the unit while flashing because while I was able to flash it correctly, it never saw a single light. Then I got a CC2531 with antenna - I had some limited success, that one only saw other devices when I used the firmware for the mqtt stack. From the zigbee binding logs, there were alot of transmission errors, and transaction failed. Also the CC2531 + binding seemed to periodically hang (had to physically unplug/re-plug the device). Discovery really worked on the odd day. I don’t think this has anything to do with the binding, I’m more concerned about the device itself…

I decided to plug back my hue bridge and I’m quite surprised at how much more smoothly the signal seems to work. Does anyone had a successful setup with the CC2531? Is the signal too low with the CC2531 or how is the hue bridge so much better even at discovery?

A common theme with CC2531 dongle signal issues is their proximity to the host device - rPi, PC, whatever. I have had to attach mine to the rPi via a USB extender, and signal improved write a bit!

(You mentioned zigbee2mqtt - have you gone through the FAQ?)

Thank you!!! The answer seems to be there :slight_smile:
I also just noticed that my hue bridge was using channel 25 which seems to work better…
Anyway I guess this doesn’t explain the dongle that becomes unresponsive… I’ll give it another shot once I receive some new CC2531. I also think some of the dongles with external antenna might be quite useful… might order one of these…

  • There can be too much interference, try connecting the coordinator USB through an USB extension cable. This problem occurs a lot when used in combination with a Raspberry Pi 4.

Are you saying that it all works as expected with zigbee2mqtt, but not with the openHAB Zigbee binding? When trying the binding, did you re-flash with the recommended firmware from the binding documentation page?

There’s quite a few threads in the forum about the CC2531 not working as expected with the openHAB binding.

No, I haven’t tried zigbee2mqtt.I suspect this has to do with the actual CC2531 because the green light sometimes goes off and I also saw other kernel errors with the dongle.

And concerning the firmware, I haven’t had any luck with the recommend firmware, discovery doesn’t see a single device. Only way I got my CC2531 to see devices is to use the ZStack 1.2 that was designed for zigbee2mqtt. Anyway I ordered two more CC2531 and will do an experiment next time with a USB extension cord because it sounds like having the dongle too close to the RPi4 can cause too much interference.

Can’t figure out the whole thing because I have my hue bridge next to my router and it works like a charm. I guess the signal from the hue bridge is stronger than a CC2531?

For now I am using the Hue binding, works really perfectly except that I cannot attach my smarthings sensors :frowning: