Hue bulbs Alexa/Google Phillips Hue system

I bought a cheap hue made in china bulb that claims compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.
My question is does this make bulb compatible with the Phillips hue system?

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not sure how any of us would know, maybe post a picture of the packaging and someone might own one and confirm it works with Phillips Hue system. Do you own a Hue hub?

No, using App on Galaxy S7. Works from cell phone. Just trying to figure all of the stuff out.

Which app are you using?
Can you give more info about the bulb?
Works with Alexa doesn’t necessarily mean Hue compatible

The app is from the maker “Magic Home Pro”.
Bulb works great in app.

What I am trying to do is get a handle on how these devices work and ARE there any standards?

And, I a also trying to figure out what openHAB is looking for when it scans for devices/
Nothing intuitive IMO,
Thanks for your questions and comment.

Ok, then that’s a wifi bulb. Not Hue which is Zigbee.
This binding is your best bet: