Hue bunding and unreachable lights


I am trying to create a link between a hue bulb that is unreachable and a z-wave light. The official hue SDK keeps track of on/off status of a lightbulb even if its unreachable, however it seems the state in openhab is not updated for bulbs that are not reachable…

Looks like the code if ((bulb.getIsOn() == true) && (bulb.getIsReachable() == true)) { is filtering out those bulbs… in the file

I have tried to set up a development environment in both OSX and Windows to no avail due to variuos Java errors… If anyone has a development environment set up, would it be possible to compile a version of the hue binding without the getIsReachable() check?

What I am trying to do is to circumvent the no external calls limitation in the Hue bridge by constantly polling the status of a lightbulb that is not reachable. That way I can use the Hue app to turn on and off a z-wave light by keeping the on/off status in synch.

I recently wrote to the person who added that code to the binding. I want it for a different reason, but still want the ability to have the unreachable status available to OH. We have physical switches on areas of the house that when turned off, the hue bridge will report it as unreachable. I want to create a rule to then display in the ui the state of OFF. if could also be used to seek out problematic lights on the case that the state doesn’t reflect the actual state. It could be used for the purpose you presented as well.
The author said he would look at it, but it’s been about a week since I received a reply. Maybe you could email him as well. It could make it seem like something more than one person wants.


any news on this front? I also want this status update in my oh environment…