Hue channels for light items disappeared

Hi all,

for some reason, I do not see any channels for Philips Hue light items in OpenHab anymore. It seems that other items, such as the Hue Wall Plug, or Dimmer Switches are not affected.

I still can control the channel though with the items I initially set up, but I don’t see the channels anymore.

Any idea what might be wrong and how to fix this?


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I’m experiencing the same on 3.1 release - openhabian.

same for me. upgraded from 2.5 and no channels anymore for the light items.

Same here (3.1.0 release)

Only the advanced ‘Alert’ and ‘Color Loop’ channels are visible.

When I open an item that was previously linked to a channel, the screen shows an everlasting ‘Loading…’ circle, as well as a lock top right: ‘links defined in a .item file are not editable’ The item was not linked in an item file but in the OH3 ui.

Maybe this is related to the Hue updates? I guess the add-on is up for a major rewrite anyway now that the bridge finally supports pushing events instead of having to poll it all the time.

I build the system with 3.0.1. I could find the channels. Now they are gone.

Is there an news on topic? i’ve updated my openhabian config but stille experiencing the same issues.

same problem with 3.1.0 stable… Are there any solutions?