Hue Contact Sensor

I just configured the new hue contact sensor in oh4. It was correctly detected but now I don’t know how to listen for changes or see if it is open closed? It only reports three channels:

  • battery-level
  • battery-low
  • last-updated

Thing properties are this:

  • resourceArchetype Unknown archetype
  • productCertified true
  • productArchetype Unknown archetype
  • firmwareVersion 2.67.1
  • vendor Signify Netherlands B.V.
  • modelId SOC001
  • hardwareVersion 100b-125
  • productName Hue secure contact sensor
  • resourceType Device

How can I get the status (open/closed) in oh4 and/or listen for changes? Is this possible?

The support for the new security devices was introduced into OH just 3 days ago here so it is currently only available in OH SNAPSHOT builds.

Thanks for the information, will try it out!