Hue Current Color

I’ve got the hue bindings up and running and just trying to fine tune my ui. Wondering how I can display the current color of a bulb?

I know I can see the brightness for example:

Dimmer Bright_MF_Office_Desk       	"Brightness [%d %%]" <hue>  		(gOffice_Desk_Lamp) {hue="3;brightness;30"}

But how can I display the current color (in HSB, or whatever). I’m able to use the color picker, just not sure the format for the string to rdisplay the color:

Color Color_MF_Office_Desk        	"Color"  <colorwheel> 				(gOffice_Desk_Lamp) {hue="3"}

Can you point me to any info regarding this?


Hi Jeff,
does this help:
"var hsbValue = Color_MF_Office_Desk.state as HSBType"
Then you should have the HSB value and could create a rule to “name” it.

Thanks so much, that was perfect. The rule below updates all the hue light color values (that have their color value in the group: gHueColors)

Color clrHue_Default “Hue Default Color” (gHueSettings)

rule "Set default hue value"
Item clrHue_Default received update
var hsbHue_Default_Value = clrHue_Default.state as HSBType
logInfo(“Hue Settings”, “Default HUE color value updated”, hsbHue_Default_Value)


Hey Jeff. Can you confirm if your rule works in OH2? I modified it a little for myself and things look correct, but can’t seem to set the color of 2 bulbs at once. One is Hue bulb and the other an Aeon RGBW.

Below is both my items info and rule, but can’t see what could be wrong. I can control the color of each bulb separately, just trying to now control the color of both at the same time.

items info

 Group ColorLight <light>

 Color  ColorGroup "Color Group" (mColorGroup)
 Dimmer AeonLight "Aeon Light" <slider>      (ColorLight)      {channel="zwave:aeon_zw098_00_000:1533469ce02:node7:switch_dimmer"}
 Dimmer AeonTemp  "Aeon Temp"  <slider>      (ColorLight)      {channel="zwave:aeon_zw098_00_000:1533469ce02:node7:color_temperature"}
 Color  AeonColor "Aeon Color" <slider>      (ColorLight)      {channel="zwave:aeon_zw098_00_000:1533469ce02:node7:color_color"}

 Dimmer TorchLight "Bedroom Light" <slider>  (ColorLight)      {channel="hue:LCT007:00178817d7ef:9:brightness"}
 Dimmer TorchTemp  "Bedroom Temp"  <slider>  (ColorLight)      {channel="hue:LCT007:00178817d7ef:9:color_temperature"}
 Color  TorchColor "Bedroom Color" <slider>  (ColorLight)      {channel="hue:LCT007:00178817d7ef:9:color"}

And the rule

 rule "Set RGBW Value of each light"
   Item ColorGroup received update
   var color_value = ColorGroup.state as HSBType

Sorry I cannot confirm as I’m not an oh2 user. Still trying to wrap my hear around 1.8, and waiting for the insteon binding in oh2 before giving it a try.

But looking at you code, You need to put the 2 color items in a group by themselves. And send the color command to that group only. Right now you are sending a color command to all 6 items. I don’t see how that could be correct.

Thanks Jeff,

I’ll remove the brightness and temperate from the group and give it a shot. And if then if still not working, I’ll perhaps move/repost this over in the OH2 forums in seeing if anything has changed.

I know this is an old post, but I tried this in OH 2.5 and can’t find a good solution.

I have a set of 6 hue lights and 2 of them are colored lights. I change the colored lights to RED if someone goes in the kitchen in the middle of the night, but I can’t get the colored lights to match the temperature/color of the ‘white’ lights after being set to a color.

I’m trying to find the HSB values of the non-colored lights so they can match.