Hue dimmer switch key presses missed

Seem to have an issue with the Hue binding in 3.4.0. It is frequently missing key press/release events from the Dimmer Switches (tested with model RWL022, the new model with Hue logo on the lower button, as well as the old model).

Often have to press it a few times before a Key Press event is triggered. Also, it usually triggers only one of the events that get generated from the bridge by pressing and releasing a key. The ON/OFF key for instance when pressed briefly should generate a 1000.0 (Initial Pressed) followed by a 1002.0 (Key Short Released). But I usually only get the first and sometimes only the second, but hardly ever both.

The bridge does get the events as I can see from the CLIP debug web interface. As a test I pressed and released Key 1 on the dimmer switch and nothing shows up in events.log but the status is updated in the bridge:

	"state": {
		"buttonevent": 1002,
		"lastupdated": "2023-01-05T10:23:00"
	"swupdate": {
		"state": "noupdates",
		"lastinstall": "2022-12-06T13:22:17"
	"config": {
		"on": true,
		"battery": 100,
		"reachable": true,
		"pending": []
	"name": "Hue dimmer switch 2",
	"type": "ZLLSwitch",
	"modelid": "RWL022",
	"manufacturername": "Signify Netherlands B.V.",
	"productname": "Hue dimmer switch",

Anyone having similar issues? I tried to shorten the polling interval, but that seems to make it only worse.