Hue emulation 2.5m2 question

Hello everyone! I have a few questions about hue emulation on the 2.5m2 test release.
Can you tell me is there any changes I need to make so that it will function vs the 2.5m1?

I have installed my working config on the m2 release. My echo appears to discover my devices but can’t control them. My config appears to be sound as I reverted back to the m1 build rediscovered my devices and it works.

I would like to update to m2 so I can keep testing my other bindings. If I am missing something in the setup please let me know.

Wonder if maybe this is causing my problem:

That requires to observe the network traffic to see the issue.

Maybe the change that I did that works for some Alexas doesn’t work for others (newer / other firmware). Because I’m not doing Java at the moment I ask you to create a bug report so that either me or someone else can pick this up.

Cheers, David

@David_Graeff thanks will do! I will get some data and post an issue. Always like to make sure I did everything right prior to submitting a big report.