Hue Emulation add-on installed, no Binding or Thing available?

A fresh install of Openhab 3.4 on Windows 11. I install the Hue Emulation add-on and it shows it as installed, but when I go to Things there is no Hue Emulation binding when I try to add a Thing? Nothing in the Inbox either.

Please do not mix up hue binding with hue emulation addon and have a look into the docs

Thanks, I am not confusing them and have read all the docs. It says this: All options are available in the graphical interface

Where might I find that? I assumed there would be a Thing or Binding with the options but there is not. There are also no options in the Add-on settings.

At least for OH3.3 its on the general settings page, within the “Other service” section, e.g. where you also find OH cloud connection settings

Ah, I see it now. Thanks!