Hue Emulation adds everything as lights

Hi all,

I’m in the process of switching from the Openhab Cloud skill to the Hue Emulation skill in Alexa.
It’s all working well except every item is exposed as a light, even switches.

For example, I have this switch set with the Switchable tag.
Switch Dishwasher “Dishwasher” (PersistenceGroup) [“Switchable”] { channel=“mqtt:topiMQTTBroker:Dishwasher:PowerSwitch” }

Alexa adds it as a switch.

I’m using the default settings in the addon. The only thing I’ve done is turn on discovery.

Any ideas?


If you need more information,
I’m running a Ubuntu vm on X64.
4GB ram
8 cores.
java version - 1.8.0_261
Openhab version - 2.5.10-1

Does it work as expected? I never noticed my stuff shows as a light also.