[Hue Emulation] Alexa can find things but not control them

Hi guys,

I recently installed OpenHab2 on a new PC to replace my old one and for some reason I cannot get Alexa to control my items with the Hue Emulation Binding. I am pretty sure it must be a tiny thing but I could not figure it out the last days.

Ubuntu 20.x, Intel NUC gen.8
I deleted all devices in Alexa several times, I uninstalled and installed the hue emulation several times, restarted several times.
I used the iptables command from the docs to forward to port 80.
IP address is set in the UI and shows correct in description.xml
Alexa CAN find devices when it searches for them but cannot control them „Device is not responding“

I also noticed that Alexa finds devices where I have removed the „Lightning“ and „Switchable“ tags some days ago. Seems something is not updating somewhere?

I see no error in the logs, not even a mentioning of hue emulation.

Anyone can tell me the tiny thing I forgot? :no_mouth:
It worked flawlessly for years on the other PC.

Even with paring mode ON I can only see this in the /api/testuser/lights/ link:

So after several frustrating days I got this solved.

First off all I added the „Lightning“ and „Switchable“ tags in the Lightning type together. This was mentioned in the docu. However this did not solve my issue that I could not control the items with Alexa.

Even worse, now Alexa found all my items two times, once as Various Device and once as Hue Bulb.

The solution to this problem was to not use the Alexa app to find devices but ask an Echo for it „Alexa find new devices“. Also this only worked on the second Echo device. Else the old items would always show up in the Alexa app.