Hue emulation, alexa will not find devices

I apologize if these is the incorrect location for this.
I am using OH2.
I recently had an issue with none of my hue emulated devices working with alexa. My usual fix was just to delete them from alexa and re-add.
I deleted an item recently and was unable to get it back, the next step I usually take if this happens is to restart OH2(haven’t had to do this in awhile as I upgraded my server).
Upon restart OH2 failed to start, during troubleshooting i found i had somehow upgraded Zulu to 15, I downgraded back to Zulu 11 and OH2 started normally.
At this point my remaining alexa/hue emulation devices returned to normal operation.
So at this point I can say that alexa is sending commands through hue emulation.

I have been unsuccessful now on re adding the deleted devices.

I have searched forums and github, I have checked the /api/discovery.xml and everything appears ok and I can start pairing, the pairing and upper service show in the log as being started.

Somewhere during my searching I found that a recent alexa update had caused some issues, and ended up leading to pull request [hueemulation] Changes to fix pairing and device discovery with Alexa by MikeJMajor · Pull Request #9164 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

I updated my nginx to add the /api/
I also Uninstalled and reinstalled hue emulation.

At this point I still cannot get alexa to find my devices.

I came across some posts where people had logs showing the actual communication between hue emulation and alexa but I’m not sure where to find that. I also found mention of using an app, but could not figure out what app they were referring to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.