Hue emulation and group switches aren´t working

I am just playing with the Hue emulation for getting the Alexa connection up and running.
Now I am facing an issue I want to share and ask if somebody has a solution for this.

I do have some groups defined in my items file
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) gLED
When I now try to add the Alexa link to a switch what belongs to that group

Switch LED_Left (gLED) {channel=“mqtt:homeassistant_7172E3:583ffe5b:7172E3:7172E3_5FRL_5F1#switch”}

add Alexa link:

Switch LED_Left (gLED) “LED Left” [ “Switchable” ] {channel=“mqtt:homeassistant_7172E3:583ffe5b:7172E3:7172E3_5FRL_5F1#switch”}

I am getting immediately an error in the log stating that something with EOF and ( isn´t correct and the items file isn´t valid.
Doesn´t matter if a I have the (gLED) before or behind the “LED Left” [ “Switchable” ]
Any idea?