Hue emulation bridge update in app

Hello all,
i got the Hue Emulation Plugin in my OH 2.5 working. Forwarded port 80 to 8080 and my Philips Hue app, used for the real Hue Bridge, discoveres the fake one.
Now it prompts me to update said fake bridge because it doesn’t support all features blah.
The problem is, that if i won’t update, the app is basically unusable. On the other hand an update won’t work.
My only way is to wipe the app or deaktivate the hue emulation in OH to get it back to work.
Now how can i fix this?
Is there any way to fake the BuildVersion of the hue emulation service, so the app accepts it?
Tanks in advance for any help and let me know if i lack informations.

You can check github for open issues here:

Also check the closed issues as well, there may be a solution and if not you can open a new issue.

Thank you for your hint. I already opened a new one with links to the concerning code lines. I’m not good in compiling and java to fork and try myself.

Any update on this? I’m using OH2.4 and running into the same issue. Appear to have almost everything working but blocked on the App requiring an update which it cannot complete.