Hue Emulation exposes all devices as Dimmable => Alexa complains

Hello everybody,

I’m facing a weird behavior after an upgrade to today’s OpenHAB and most recent Hue Emulation binding: Whenever I tell Alexa to turn on a (non dimmable) lamp, it turns it on but says something like “the value is outside of the legal range”.

When I called the /api/discovery.xml URL I figured that all devices (regardless of “Lighting” or “Switchable” tag) are exposed as Dimmers. Is this a misconfiguration on my side or did / do others experience the same and did somebody solve this?

The discovery.xml shows this as “Dimmable Light” for a virtual item (rule trigger for tv mode) that is tagged “Switchable”:

"36":{"state":{"on":false,"bri":-1,"hue":0,"sat":0,"xy":[0.0,0.0],"ct":500,"alert":"none","effect":"none","colormode":"ct","reachable":true},"type":"Dimmable Light","name":"Beleuchtung Fernsehen","modelid":"LWB004","uniqueid":"36","manufacturername":"openHAB","swversion":"66009461","pointsymbol":{"1":"none","2":"none","3":"none","4":"none","5":"none","6":"none","7":"none","8":"none"}}

Thanks a lot for any help.

Same for me. Tried moving the Switchable tag around a bit, changing the spacing,… But they always show as Dimmable on the discovery xml and all other requests Alexa does.
It only causes Alexa to throw the error on the feedback for the On command though (it does run the command). For Off it doesn’t seem to care.

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