Hue emulation: How do I press the pairing button?

I must be missing something really simple: I try to pair OH’s hue emulation to my harmony hub. Pairing turned on for 60 secs, harmony hub detects the hue bridge, and then gets stuck at “please press the middle button of your harmony hub”. I’m quite at a loss how to do this with the emulated device?!

Look into Paper UI> Configuration> Services> IO and select the hueemulation IO service.

There is no option to push a virtual button in the configuration.I only can enable pairing mode, but I don’t find an option to acknowledge the pairing request from another device. So it just times out.

Any update on this? I am having the same problem

I tried this for the first time tonight and was able to get it working pretty easily after finding this post. It was just a matter of going into the Hue Emulation configuration screen as described above, then turning the ‘device pairing’ switch to on and saving. You then have 60 seconds to add the device and get to the ‘press centre button’ screen in the harmony app at which point it should pair automatically.

Hi. I have the same problem and I don’t see it solved (for me). Maybe somebody can help.

I’m running OH3. I installed the Hue Emulation misc add-on service. I enabled discovery, with enough time (240 secs), tagged my items to be identified as “to be emulated” (“HueSwitch”), and switched to the official Phillips Hue app. From there, I search for new bridges, and a new bridge is found indeed. Then a dialog asks me to “press the push link button “.

Well, I don’t see a way to do this anywhere. Without the option to press that button, the process timeouts, and no new bridge is added to the official Phillips hue app. That “virtual press” doesn’t happen automatically (at least for me).

Any clue? Does the hue emulation service work with the official hue app? Or only with Alexa/Google home services (that i don’t use)? Thanks.

Ok, I tried again, this time from an Android phone, and the pairing was automatic. I enabled the Pairing: Add unknown user keys option as well.