Hue / emulation issue after oh4 upgrade

Another issue which I fugure out is that it looks like after the upgrade most of all Items has HUEEMU in the metadata.

No clue if it is necessary or can be removed. The example here is an Item switch which is defined by myself. It is also strange that this tag is separated from the others.

This is probably in link with the hue emulation binding. Are you sure that you are or were not using this IO service?
I am not emough aware of hue emulation service to explain what is the need of this tag.

Have the same phenomenon.
All items now have HUEEMU and each has been given a different number.
I have not installed the Hue binding.

Deleting this info goes without a hitch and I don’t think it triggers any further problems.

As @Lolodomo mentioned, this is from the Hue emulation:


I don’t know if there was a change in the UI that could change anything here, maybe this was not visible before? There doesn’t seem to be any changes in the emulation itself regarding this.

Maybe it is this change: Show custom namespaces for items in metadata menu by stefan-hoehn · Pull Request #1623 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

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OK, I use the HUE Binding and I guess this includes the HUE Emulation. I would understand if the all HUE devices has the tag but why every device (or better most of all) ? I think it has no impact regarding the performance but I will remove it step by step. It could be aso that it was a bug in an older version and now visible.

Thanks all for your support.

Hue binding and hue emulation binding ate 2 different things.
Please update your issue title to rather mention hue emulation as your problem has absolutely no link with the hue binding.

The hue emulation has tagged items with the HUEEMU metadata for a very long time and the only difference in OH 4.0 is that this is now visible in the UI.

If you have items tagged with HUEEMU then you must have the Hue Emulation addon installed or previously had it installed. If you are actually relying on the hue emulation then removing that metadata will break it.

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If I read it right, this is not a bug. The metadata has always been present. But new in OH 4.0 the metadata is now displayed in the UI.

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@AndrewFG Yes, this is what I understood too.
@Lolodomo I add with a slash the emulation in the header of this topic. I have not installed the HUE Emulation binding actual but I can’t say if it was installed in a previous version.
@MikeJMajor I never have tagged any item with HUEEMU - thats the reason why I wondering - this must be done automatically and is now visible. I would understand that this tag is assigned to items which are relvant for the HUE Emulation but not for every item.

But like we say, never change a running system … :wink:

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