Hue Emulation issues

When i try to add the emulated bridge to the Hue Philips Android App,

  • if is not in pairing-mode in openHAB, Philips App ask the pairing button.
  • if is in pairing mode, “A new bridge found!” and instantly crash: screenshot
    There are two Hue Philips app on Android, the same behiavour on both.

openHAB2 just downloaded and installed on a Raspberry.

There isn’t any relevant lines in events.log or openhab.lob

My /api/discovery.xml is empty:


but i have two working lights in openHAB -> Paper UI -> Control (KNX switch)
It’s normal?

My /api/description.xml :
Any suggestion about what i can try? Thanks.

Ok i now have /api/discovery.xml not empty, just discovered the tags ‘Lighting’. But the crash occur anyway when adding the bridge to Philips Hue App