Hue Emulation - One items tagged to 2 binding


I am trying to tag a existing item to 2 bindings - hue emulator & lightwaverf binding, however in either case only the first binding works with the item, I need to control the item below "LRDimmerBulb using Lighwaverf AND hueemulator so do i have to declare this item twice ? one with each binding ? (i assume second item declaration will be discarded by openhab)

Dimmer  LRDimmerBulb      "Fan Lights [%d %%]"      (gALL,gLR)   { lightwaverf="room=1,device=3,type=DIMMER" } [ "Lighting" ]


Dimmer  LRDimmerBulb      "Fan Lights [%d %%]"      (gALL,gLR)   [ "Lighting" ] { lightwaverf="room=1,device=3,type=DIMMER" } 

There is no such definition like ["…"] in items-file. To bind an item to two bindings, just write them together:

Dimmer LRDimmerBulb "Fan Lights [%d %%]" (gALL,gLR) { lightwaverf="room=1,device=3,type=DIMMER", hue="..." }

If you got channels from OH2, it’s the same way:

Dimmer LRDimmerBulb "Fan Lights [%d %%]" (gALL,gLR) { lightwaverf="room=1,device=3,type=DIMMER", channel="hue:..." }

Well … the hue emulator need the tags in [xxxx] format as below -

Switch  TestSwitch1     "Kitchen Switch" [ "Switchable" ]
Switch  TestSwitch2     "Bathroom" [ "Lighting" ]

I tried to put this together in other bindings {… , [xxx] } and also { …, “xxxx” } but it doesnt work.
anyone using the hue emulator will face the same problem i assume so there must be a way out.

Ah. Then the hue emulator is no binding at all? If that is the case, you will have to use two items and updating them through a rule…

OK got it … will relate the 2 items via rule :slight_smile: thanks