Hue Emulation Openhab3

So. I’m struggling here. I’ve been trying to get hue emulation working. I totally understand this is not a support service. Almost everything else I have been able to figure out eventually. This has me stumpted.

I have openhab 3.0 operating on port 80.

I’ve added the hue emulation add-on, added tags to items,

I can see the upmp service from my windows laptop.

I can view the XML published from the hue emulation under /API/testuser

Attempting to discover the hub using the hue app results in discovery of the hub but a request to ‘press the button’

My Echo Show appears in the list of users with the status page but appears unable to discover any of the devices.

I’m a bit out of ideas but welcome any suggestions. Are others also struggling to use hue emulation?

I use the emulation with OH3 to control some devices via my harmony remote. Remote switches a hue lamp as proxy which triggers a rule.
So I‘ve got no problem with the emulation.

Have you tried to activate the „Device Pairing“ mode within the binding settings?

Yeah tried Device pairing on both v1 and V2 modes.

I tried deleting the Device I’d in the advanced configuration. The notes say this will be automatically generated but it doesn’t appear to be populated afterwards.

I’m considering totally resetting the Alexa Device .