Hue emulation requires firmware update in Hue app

Dear OpenHab experts,

I have a very strange problem. I am using the Hue emulation to expose my openhab devices to Alexa. When I run the bridge discovery in the Alexa app the bridge is found and the devices are added but the Hue app gives a warning that the Hue emulation needs a firmware upgrade and the functionality is restricted. But a firmware update does not work with the hue emulation and the firmware number given in the hue emulation matches with the latest version.

I suspect that there was an error in the pairing process and somehow wrong parameters are stored in the hue app.

Does anyone have an idea what to do?


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Bump! I have that problem too. I successfully paired the official Hue app with the emulated bridge, but the app wants me to update the emulated bridge’s firmware and doesn’t let me use it. Obviously the update button doesn’t work. Is there any solution?