Hue Emulation Setup

Are there any other documents that better show how to setup the hue emulation in openhab 2.5?
I switched from a real old version of openhab to 2.5, and between the doc and the settings, i can’t figure out where to start.

So i found where to “turn pairing on”…but i only had TWO switches with a “switchable” flag to start; figured i would only get 2. I got 222 things in my inbox.
Many with this “CLIP Generic Flag sensor”

what is this; how do i limit the hue emulation to only Switchable items?
Also, is there a way to mass delete all items in the inbox since i don’t want all those weird clip entries that got added from the hue emulation?

Pretty much i can’t get this to work and I’m looking for a more step by step set of instructions to get this to function again in openhab 2.5.11.


On top of this problem, all these items in my inbox now, i can’t get to be removed permanently; i’ve tagged the ones in text files with [ “internal”] and they still show up after deleting and rebooting openhab.

Not even sure how to tag items made by paper UI.

Need lots of help on this please :slight_smile:

I’m dying here; what is the easiest way to setup switches in openhab 2.5.11 to expose them to Alexa AND Google Home? This hue emulation binding worked great years ago; now its unintuitive, doesn’t work and fills up my inbox to the point it takes an hour to clear it out.