[hue emulation] Switchable Devices recognized as lamps

i try to add switches to openhab2 (2.5.10-SNAPSHOT #237) / hue emulation. this switches are included via knx.items
in my knx.items i add the switch

Switch og_sz_2 “Schlafzimmer TV” [ “Switchable” ] { knx=“3/6/5+<3/6/6” }

but if i search with alexa for new devices, always a lamp will find ? In the Debug JSON the item is shown as

“14”: {
“state”: {
“on”: false,
“reachable”: true,
“mode”: “homeautomation”,
“alert”: “none”
“type”: “On/off light”,
“modelid”: “Plug 01”,
“uniqueid”: “44b2a631-db86-44e1-86a6-830d5e885584-14”,
“manufacturername”: “OSRAM”,
“productname”: “On/Off plug”,
“swversion”: “V1.04.12”,
“hascolor”: false,
“name”: “Schlafzimmer TV”,
“config”: {
“archetype”: “classicbulb”,
“function”: “functional”,
“direction”: “omnidirectional”
“capabilities”: {
“certified”: false,
“streaming”: {
“renderer”: false,
“proxy”: false
“control”: {}

some ideas ?

When defining your item, you can try explicitly setting the alexa tag


See the label and single endpoint section for more examples

I’ve had to do this for a few of my devices that didn’t detect correctly in Alexa.

I tried, but without success. The Power Switch is shown as a bulb in the Debug

“14”:{“state”:{“bri”:1,“ct”:500,“on”:false,“reachable”:true,“mode”:“homeautomation”,“alert”:“none”},“type”:“Color temperature light”,“modelid”:“LTW001”,“uniqueid”:“44b2a631-db86-44e1-86a6-830d5e885584-14”,“manufacturername”:“Philips”,“swversion”:“66012040”,“friendsOfHue”:true,“colorGamut”:“2200K-6500K”,“hascolor”:false,“name”:“Schlafzimmer TV”,“config”:{“archetype”:“classicbulb”,“function”:“functional”,“direction”:“omnidirectional”},“capabilities”:{“certified”:true,“streaming”:{“renderer”:false,“proxy”:false},“control”:{}}}

i included it like this in the knx.items
Switch og_sz_2 “Schlafzimmer TV” [ “Switchable” ] { alexa=“Switchable”,knx=“3/6/5+<3/6/6” }

You might have to delete the item from Alexa and re-discover them. Alexa doesn’t update items it’s already added.

Yes i do - but if you have a look on the lights?debug=true there it shows as a lamp
and so i think it is normal that alexa find it as a lamp.