Hue Emulation with Alexa (TargetTemperature)


I am using Alexa together with the Hue Emulation Binding and it works quite well.
However, I have tagged the thermostat target Temperatur (KM200 Buderus module) like this:

Number 	Heat_HzSollDay	"Zimmertemperatur [%.1f °C]"<heat>			(G_Numbers)			[ "TargetTemperature" ] {km200="service:/heatingCircuits/hc1/temperatureLevels/day"}

However, The item “Zimmertemperatur” is shown as “Lux Light” in the Alexa App after recovering the available Hue things and I get “Temperature is not supported on this device” from Alexa.

I did not find a good documentation about the Hue Emulation, but found this on the HomeKit Documentation (group for thermostat required):

Obviously this structure is not the same for the Hue Emulation.
Did anyone successfully setup Hue Emulation with Alexa using TargetTemperature?

Does nobody use this function with hue emulation!?

I don’t see the advantage to use the Alexa skill, so I would like to stay with Hue emulation.

i use the hue emulation function with alexa and eq3 thermostate and it works fine…

Hi @horschte,

so you can say: Alexa, please set the living room to 20°C?

Could you please share your items, because the tag “TargetTemperature” is somehow not recognized by Alexa.

yes that works…

here my config

Number WZ_Heizung_Regler  "Heizung [%d %%]"  [ "TargetTemperature" ] {mqtt=">[openhab:set/wz_heizung/desiredTemperature:command:*:default], <[openhab:state/wz_heizung/desiredTemperature:state:default]" }


Setpoint item=WZ_Heizung_Regler label="Heizung Soll [%.1f °C]"   step=0.5 minValue=17 maxValue=30

alexa need the word “celsius”.
for you in german:

"alexa, zimmertemperatur dreiundzwanzig grad celsius"
“alexa, zimmertemperatur dreiundzwanzig grad”

thanks a lot for your quick response.
I will give it another try!

This works for me, but the temperature set is 1 less than what i say…So if say 29, it will set as 28.

My items file has this entry

Number livingroomac_temp “AC 1[%d °C]” (HVAC) [“TargetTemperature”] { mqtt=">[localhost:/hvac/livingroom/temperature:command:*:default],<[localhost:/hvac/livingroom/temperature:state:default]" }

any idea why?


Are you using a very old openHAB build? If I remember correctly this problem was present almost a year ago …

Nope…I’m using 2.1.0

Looks like there is only a workaround …

Sigh… i guess so…thanks for your help

So the offset of 1 degree is still the case?