HUE Emulator binding not working

I know there is an Alexa skill out now for OH, but iwanted to test it with Hue Emulator.
I installed the binding via paper ui…configured it as pairing enabled…tagget a test switch witch [“Switchable”].
Alexa finds nothing but the items via open hab skill. No Hue Emulated switches.

In the Openhab console when i tpe bundle:list it is shown as active.

I tried the combination with IP adress given and pairing disabled like i read on other topics…but nothing is found.

Are there other options i ca check??

I hope you can help me.

Best regards Sebastian

HI Sebastian,

I have not done anything on ECHO but using it with Google Home and found below post very helpful

Couple of points you should check

  1. Please ensure you take the latest jar and replace you current one. Above link has the one which works for me
  2. Not sure if ECHO has a requirement for port 80, if not the iptables step can be skipped and correct port can be used.

Hoping this helps