Hue Emulator

Hi All,

I’m new to openHAB and im particularly interested in using the Hue Emulator to get google home support, however, i cant find it anywhere? I keep on getting 404 errors when finding links for the hue emulator plugin… any help would be appreciated!


Where are you looking? Its listed in PaperUI in the Add-ons -> Misc

Whoops - was looking in the wrong spot. I have finally installed the 2.1 Hue emulation plugin, but unfortunately i still cannot discover it with google home. I assume that the emulation is meant to make openHAB a “hub”? is there meant to be any button press like commands i am meant to run when trying to pair with google home?

I’ve had a look at some older forum posts, and they suggest that port forwarding port 8080 > 80 is required for google home. I’ve tried this with no luck. I can successfully browse to http://ipaddress:80/api/discovery.xml AND http://ipaddress:8080/api/discovery.xml and see the hue emulator configuration… Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Yep - it looks to be the hue cloud account blocking me!! Ah well… maybe time to have a look at an Alexa!