HUE / HSB: How to find correct color (warm/cold white)?

Hey Guys,

i hope this is the correct section to ask this question:

I’ve got a few LED Lamps (flood lamp) which work with HUE but infact they are not from Philips.
Operating these lamps works quite well with HUE App.

I can select Colors and Brightness with no problems. Additionally these lamps got - beside colors - warm and cold white light.

In HUE App i can switch from Color-Picker to … lets call it White-Picker to choose warm and cold white colors. This picker has no colors like red, blue, green … but on the top warm white and on the bottom cold white colors.

I tried a few things with the HSB-Color-Spectrum but i cant find the correct values to send via OpenHAB to enable the “warm/cold white LEDs”.

As i am not sure if this is related to HSB-Spectrum or the LED-Floodlights, i maybe need a lead to the right place to find out :slight_smile:

So is there maybe an option to read out the current HSB-Color after enabling manually (via HUE App) the desired color?

Just to tell you, this is what im sending right now and it is a kind of blue light with way less than 100% brightness. This stuff is inside a rule which is activated by the presence detector.

var DecimalType hue = new DecimalType(060)
var PercentType sat = new PercentType(000)
var PercentType bright = new PercentType(100)
var HSBType light = new HSBType(hue,sat,bright)

The Items are like this

Switch i_Test_2_Switch { channel=“hue:0210:…:7:color” }
Dimmer i_Test_2_Dimmer { channel=“hue:0210:…:7:color” }
Color i_Test_2_Color { channel=“hue:0210:…:7:color” }
Dimmer i_Test_2_ColorTemp { channel=“hue:0210:…:7:color_temperature” }

I do that this way. I set up the lighting in the Philips Hue App and have a “save that to light-scene” switch that reads the numbers and stores them to proxy-items.

The other option would be not to use the color channel but the color_temperature while the color-channel is set to maximum (white).
Don’t have my coding here, but maybe that helps already…

Thanks. How can i read out and store the actual numbers which i previously set in HUE app?

How would it look to set the Color-Channel just to Max and the Temp-Channel to like Cold or Warm White?

I guess i need the values ready to copy for a success :slight_smile:

I will copy my setup on the weekend as soon as I get to it.

Great, thanks.

If somebody in the meanwhile get additional hints, feel free to tell me :slight_smile:


There is a way to access the hue bridge api directly and read out all currently active parameters of connected lights and devices. Very good instructions can be found here:
Only in German, I‘m afraid, but guessing from your nick that shouldn‘t be a problem for you.

Thanks. It appears that i just have to send a value to the color-temp dimmer between 0 and 100 while 0 is cold-white and 100 is warm-white.

Problem is, that if i send any value there, the light is switching on. That means i have to first switch on with the HSB-Type which includes the brightness (100 to switch on with full power) and then the dimmer-value to choose color-temp.

If i like to switch off, i just send the HSB-Type with 0 brightness

Interesting issue: The hue lightstrip always lights a bit green when using white-colors (cold / warm). The “noname” Led floodlight doesnt do that

I actually like it this way, way easier to read the code in my opinion.
But to the original request:

my items:

String Bathroom_Lights_Scene              "Lichtmodus im Badezimmer [%s]"         (G_Bathroom_Lights)

// a save button to store the current setting:
Switch Bathroom_Lightmode_Save "Lichtmodus abspeichern" (G_Bathroom_Lightmodes)         { expire="1s, state=OFF" }

// My actual light
Group G_Bathroom_CeilingLight  "Deckenlampe"
Switch  Bathroom_CeilingLight_Switch        "Deckenlampe Schalter"	                <light> (G_Bathroom_LightsSwitches, G_Bathroom_CeilingLight)   [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0210:bridge:8:color" }
Dimmer  Bathroom_CeilingLight_Dimmer        "Dimmer von Deckenlampe "         <light> (G_Bathroom_LightsDimmer, G_Bathroom_CeilingLight)     [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0210:bridge:8:color" }
Color   Bathroom_CeilingLight_Color 	    "Farbe von Deckenlampe "	        <light> (G_Bathroom_LightsColor, G_Bathroom_CeilingLight)      [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0210:bridge:8:color" }
Dimmer  Bathroom_CeilingLight_Colortemp     "Farbtemperatur von Deckenlampe " <light> (G_Bathroom_LightsColortemp, G_Bathroom_CeilingLight)  [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0210:bridge:8:color_temperature" }

//Dummy Items to store the scene-informatoin
Group G_Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening       "Lightmodus 'Abend' im Badezimmer"     (G_Bathroom_Lightmodes) 
Switch Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening_CeilingLight_Switch        "CeilingLight Schalter"        (G_Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening)
Color Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening_CeilingLight_Color         "CeilingLight Farbe"           (G_Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening)

//another scene...
Group G_Bathroom_Lightmode_Night       "Lightmodus 'Nacht' im Badezimmer"     (G_Bathroom_Lightmodes) 
Switch Bathroom_Lightmode_Night_CeilingLight_Switch        "CeilingLight Schalter"        (G_Bathroom_Lightmode_Night)
Color Bathroom_Lightmode_Night_CeilingLight_Color         "CeilingLight Farbe"           (G_Bathroom_Lightmode_Night)

and then I have a rule:

rule "Bathroom: save current Lights as Lightscene "
    Item Bathroom_Lightmode_Save received command ON
logDebug("lightning.rules", "Bathroom: save current Lights as Lightscene " + receivedCommand)

    case 'EVENING':  {
    case 'NIGHT':   {

rule "Bathroom: Lightscene changes actual Lights"
    Item Bathroom_Lights_Scene received command
logDebug("lightning.rules", "Bathroom: Lightscene changes actual Lights" + receivedCommand)

    if (receivedCommand == 'AUTO'){
                case 'EVENING':     Bathroom_Lights_Scene.sendCommand( 'EVENING'  )
                case 'NIGHT':       Bathroom_Lights_Scene.sendCommand( 'NIGHT'  )

    if (receivedCommand == 'ALL_OFF'){

// ---- Scenes:
    Bathroom_Lights_Timer.sendCommand( Bathroom_Settings_LightsOnMinimumTime.state ) //Set the Timer
    switch (receivedCommand){
       case 'EVENING':  {
            Bathroom_CeilingLight_Switch.sendCommand( Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening_CeilingLight_Switch.state )
            Bathroom_CeilingLight_Color.sendCommand( Bathroom_Lightmode_Evening_CeilingLight_Color.state )

        case 'NIGHT':  {
            Bathroom_CeilingLight_Switch.sendCommand( Bathroom_Lightmode_Night_CeilingLight_Switch.state )
            Bathroom_CeilingLight_Color.sendCommand( Bathroom_Lightmode_Night_CeilingLight_Color.state )

        default: {
            logError("DUMP: Bathroom: Lightscene changes actual Lights", "unknown Light Scene:" + Bathroom_Lights_Scene.state.toString)

so if that Switch Bathroom_Lightmode_Save is pressed, it will read the values from the lamp and stores it in that proxy items.
and if I turn on the scene, it will use those values to command the lights.

Now when going through that script in detail, I think it would work just with the color item, deleting that switch item all together. Have no time to test that though.

Hope that is helpful,

Hi @papaPhiL, thanks so much for posting this, I love the idea! I have a question though, when I try to implement this, I get an error basically saying that Bathroom_Lights_Scene is not a defined item. I don’t see it defined anywhere in your items file, unless I am missing it? Thanks so much!

probably missed to put it in here, i just also checked this post and didnt find it :slight_smile:

I dont know and i didnt test, but i guess this is maybe a text item, so its value can be “EVENING” or “NIGHT”

What i did in a similar case is that i defined a number item, where numbers represent the cases. Like
0 = nothing
1 = Do something i defined as Case 1
2 = Do something i defined as Case 2
100 = Confirmation, that rule was executed

So i guess this is also possible with a text item where you not compare for number but for Text like he did

Yes, the item is just a string:

String Bathroom_Lights_Scene              "Lichtmodus im Badezimmer [%s]"         (G_Bathroom_Lights)

I prefer to have meaningful values in items, there is no reason to have 0 (that actually means nothing) instead of “nothing” itself. Eventually, you get lost with your in-mind-mapping if you have lots of different numbers that mean different things depend on the context.

I realized I never thanked you guys @Saarlaender and @papaPhiL! I got it working, appreciate the help :+1:

Interesting but for me this does not work. Maybe its related to the fact that i am not using HUE Lights (Floodlights) but even when storing the actual values - when restoring it takes different ones. Sometimes one of the bulbs has correct values, the other not.

This is really frustrating. I think it would be much easier to have some feature to create the correct values depending on the setpoint.
Like from Hex Color code (#RRGGBB) to this HSB stuff