Hue Hub binding: adding Things as Points

I’ve recently started with OH3 and migrating slowly away from Smartthings. (I really like OH3 by the way). I’m using openhabian on a RPi 3+.

I have a Hue hub (v2) which has 30 or so lights and switches attached to it. These have all been found by the Hue binding but I’m having trouble adding them as Points to link to. For example, when I add a Hue white lamp as a Thing and look at the Channels tab, it shows no channels. If I then select ‘Show Advanced’ it gives me the choice of Alert - alert (String) only to allow a temporary change to the bulb’s state. I can add these to the Model but this temporary change of state is not what I’m looking for. I am looking for a switch to turn the light on or off, at least. (Dimming and warmness should be possible too).

Am I doing this the wrong way or using the wrong binding? I would like to use the Hue hub as it ‘just works’ with the Hue switches but I don’t mind if there are other ways to approach it, even using zigbee although I understand Hue is not vanilla zigbee, so that may be more trouble.

thanks, George

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