Hue indoor motion sensor for outdoor usage

does anybody have experiences for using the HUE Indoor motion sensor outdoors. I‘d like to install it in an waterproofed area. The specification says a temperature operating range from 0-45 Degree. Anyway would it operate on temperatures below 0 Degree. Thank you very much,

I have one installed in my carport.
So no rain but at night it can be humid.

I live in Holland, temperature will typically vary between -5 to I would say 25 degrees.

No issues yet. I use it about a year now.

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Good to know. Thank you!

I had a different experience, indoor sensor got killed during winter time. Would not advice to use it outdoors.

Here are the HUE outdoor version of the motion sensor.

Best, Jay

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I have two of them outside and they lived through - 10°C winters and high humidity.

The UV is a little taxing on the case though, they get pretty impacted in direct sunlight (even in Germany…).

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Thank you for your advice Thomas,
I’ve changed the indoor sensor to the outdoor variant. This only 6€ more expensive than the indoor.
Cheers Peter

The Hue outdoor sensors are quite good, kept working below -30˚ C, and has seen rainstorms, snowstorms and in direct sunlight high temperatures.
They even comes with stainless screws.
This is a no-brainer :slight_smile:

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