Hue Item link broken? e.g. no control on control page

I’ve installed the Hue plugin. Then:

  1. hub was discovered. Added it as a Thing from the inbox in PaperUI;

  2. authorised openHAB by pressing the link button. My Hue lights turned up in the inbox;

  3. added all lights as a Thing from PaperUI;

  4. added a Dimmer items for a light using a hue.items file:

    Dimmer HueLight1 "Hue Light Test" <light> (Group_Lights, Group_Dinner) {channel="hue:bridge:e1b5ff051ab1:11:brightness"}

result: my Hue Things are all online according to PaperUI. The Dimmer Item appears in the Items list. So far, OK. But I do not get any controls on the PaperUI controls page. When testing the link (I’ve got a Timer rule in a test.rules that attempts to set the value to 80, I’ve tried ON but same results) :

[INFO ] [g.eclipse.smarthome.model.script.TEST] - HueLight1 has state NULL
[INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent     ] - Item 'HueLight1' received command 80
[INFO ] [arthome.event.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - HueLight1 predicted to become NULL

Seems there is somewhere, something wrong with the linking, but I get no indication of where the configuration error is. I see no errors when saving the items file, no errors when the timer fires, no errors in the Thing or Item list in PaperUI. Can someone tell me what to check?

The Paper UI is not used for day to day control and has been removed in OH3. Please use the Basic UI or HABPanel for day-to-day system control.

I don’t use it for that, I just included that information because it is an indication that “something” seems to be wrong, and might be a hint or someone that understands the internals where to look for misconfiguration. I noticed that all things that seem to work, are on the controls page as well, so if it is missing there, it is my first indication that something is wrongly configured.

I know the Paper UI has been basically unmaintained for quite a while since the initial developer left OH.

Are you looking in openhab.log too? Do you see any events in events.log concerning the Hue Things? In PaperUI when you go to the Thing and then the Brightness Channel do you see it linked to the HueLight1 Item?

I use log:tail in karaf, which is the combination of those two logs I think? No loglines about an error there, but also no updates that originated from the Hue app. Checked everything once more and found the issue: I copy/pasted what I thought would be the channel ID (based on what I experienced with the zwave lights) into different Items, but seems the hue channel is slightly different for different light types.


where XXXX differs, I only changed the :11: part. Have to catch up some reading on channels, assumed that everything before :11: identified the hub but clearly it doesn’t.

thanks for the hints