Hue motion sensor on Ikea Zigbee bridge

I use Windows 10.
In paperUI I installed the Trafri and Hue binding. Have the Tradfri part working. However it cannot find the Hue sensor. According to the binding it should be supported. I thought when having a Zigbee (Ikea) bridge it should detect the Hue Presence Sensor but it doesnt.


A motion sensor providing presence detection.

Is it supported or am I doing something wrong here ?

The Tradfri bridge is not a generic Zigbee bridge. I don’t think that you can add other Zigbee devices via the IKEA Bridge.

ok, so I need to buy a seperate USB zigbee stick ?


On the other hand, it is possible to operate the Tradfri bulbs (when updated) with the Hue bridge.
But ONLY the Tradfri bulbs, not other Tradfri devices.

OK, so I need to buy a Zigbee USB stick ?


See here, which devices are supported from zigbee binding.

Only supported:

-Tradfri bulbs, tradfri motion sensor
-Hue bulbs, Hue motion sensor

Thanks I assume you gave a zigbee stick as well. Do you recommend one brand/model?


No, unfortunately not. I’m using the Hue Bridge with all kind of Hue bulbs, Hue motion sensors, Hue dimmer switch, Hue Tap Switch, Innr bulbs and Osram/Sylvania bulbs. I’m very happy with it.

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