Hue motion sensor polling interval

Is there a way to setup edge duration of those sensors?
If I toggle motion-detection the corresponding item (channel “presence”) switches to “ON”, but it takes 14 seconds (timestamp from logging on itemstate changes) until state switches to “OFF” again.
While this duration, movements aren’t recognised, so timer-based-solutions put lights off although movement it present.
Thanks for hints!

This is a generic problem with motion sensors, really.

Some go ON for a short fixed period, ignore any further motion during the period, then go OFF. There may or may not be an enforced OFF duration afterwards. After that, they may re-trigger ON of course.

Others go ON for a period, but extend the period in case of further motion. So that might be ON for some long time, only going OFF a short time after the last motion trigger.

A reasonable way to deal with both these cases is to separate the triggers.
When motion changes to ON, turn on lights (and cancel any running timer).
When motion changes to OFF, start lights off-timer.

Is your lights timer a very short duration?

Lightning timers have different durations depending on room-type. Most are about 60-90 seconds for hallways, stairwells and so on. Kitchen instead is 5 mins, eg.

The idea to switch off lights on OFF isn’t usable because exactly this happens nearly every time. It seems the sensor is blocked while this 14-seconds-interval…

I don’t understand what problem you are describing.
If the sensor triggers ON, lights on and start a 60-sec timer.
If there’s more motion at say 10 secs, nothing changes.
At 14 secs, motion sensor OFF, nothing changes.
After 60 secs, lights go off. But that might be only 50 secs after last motion. Is that the problem?