Hue Motion Sensor problem

Since update from openHAB 3.2 to openHAB 3.3-M1 I have a error message for my hue Motion Sensors. These sensors also include a light sensor, that stopped working. See screen shot.

Any idea how this can be fixed again?
Is there a bug in the binding?

I’ve been watching the new development with the HUE binding here. LOTS of changes, not sure if they are part of 3.3m1 yet?

[hue] Changed discovery to mDNS; added HTTPS handling; refactor HTTPClient to use jetty shared client by cweitkamp · Pull Request #11842 · openhab/openhab-addons (

Best, Jay

I use the same sensors on 3.3-M1 and they are working.

Have a look here

The lightsensor included in a Hue motion sensor suffers from a bug in that latest milestone. A fix already has been merged. I posted a workaround in the related issue on GitHub.

No, unfortunately not. They are still in review. I hope they will be merged soon.

So I will wait for the next milestone release to get this fixed.


Still a problem om M3.
Fix is to just delet the item an re-include.
Must be done after each OH restart.

This problem had already been fixed in M2.

Removing the sensor and adding it again should work and cure the problem. At least in my setup it is ok again. There is NO necessity to delete and re-include after every OH restart.

Just tested a restart on M3.
You are right, It’s OK now.
Reason I thought it was still a problem was that the Ambient Light Sensor was Online on M1 and went Offline with the Config error when I upgraded to M3. Had to removed and re-included and now it survives reboots.

I screen shot an image of my phone and did a Google lens search on my phone to figure out what this code thing that just appeared in my drop down menu one day and since then my phone has been behaving very oddly. I Google lens searched the image and it brought me here. Can anyone tell me what this means or what it is. This is how it appears on my phone:
11(RP1A. 200720.011)