Hue or deconz? When to use what?

My numbers of ZigBee devices is growing. The newest is a OSRAM LIGHTIFY Outdoor Flex RGBW. I was also curios about the DECREASE and INCREASE command from openHAB, so I tried it. Sadly it did not work when using deconz binding. Afters some searching on this forum and the rest of the internet I found a post suggesting to use hue instead of deconz in OH. Both bindings are installed, I still have a hue bridge v2. I gave it a try and it worked.

=> What are the pros and cons of these bindings? When should I use which?

Deconz supports increase/decrease (at least with the latest code). Which version are you using and what is in the logs?

I am still on OH 2.5.12. Sorry I should have mentioned that in first place.

I’m not 100% sure when InceaseDecrease was introduced, but obviously (after looking at the code) this happened after OH2.5 was feature-freezed. So you best option with deconz would be to upgrade to OH3.

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