Hue or Trådfri gateway?

Hello guys…
was wondering if it makes any difference, if I use a hue gateway or a TRÅDFRI? It’s basically for controlling IKEA bulbs - which’s supported by both gateways…
but will It change anything when the logic and control is made in openHAB?

Never used any of them but I think this post should definitely be useful for you Updated ESH bundles in 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Important for TRADFRI users

I use my IKEA bulbs along with Hue bulbs with the hue gateway. No problems till now.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to update ikea bulbs software with Hue gateway.

Yes I know that with the firmware… I was more thinking, do I get any smarter functions with the hue bridge/binding instead of using the Trådfri? Or is It basically the same? The hue app on iPhone has many smarter things - but I plan only to use it with openhab