Hue Outdoor motion sensor error on light level?

Hey something happened, and i am unsure when it happened, however.

I have this:

And i have the following ITEM:
Number Hue_Motion_Sensor_1_illu “Pir Illu” (All) {channel=“hue:0106:ecb5fa004a16:35:illuminance”}

It stopped working, and is always showing 10000.0
(I use the illumination level for “monitoring when its dark enough”)
all other values, like temperature and motion detection is working as expected.

I do not see any other writings of this.

I dismounted the sensor and inside the hue app i can adjust the light level fine.
I also changed batteries, which had no obvious effect.

So something must have happened.

I am probably not on the newest version (openHAB 3.4.4), but since it have worked previously i would assume that eighter openbhab or hue changed something.

please advise:

There was nothing new concerning that channel in OH 3.4.4 (using API v1). But Philips/Signify did release new firmware on 2023-08-16 see notes

Looking into this further i see now that i get: ERROR: HANDLER on some of the motion sensor items.

hue:0106:ecb5fa004a16:35:daylight (Switch)

The last time it worked was the 27/05-2023
it fits around this software release:

May 25, 2023
Software version: 1958077010

Would there be any way to get this working again?

Personally I am not working on any API v1 stuff. My personal focus is on API v2 (as Philips/Signify too). And from this, the focus #1 is towards OH v4.0x, although I plan to do a final back port to OH v3.4.x (API v2) in the next few days. So maybe the migration of your system from API v1 to v2 will fix it for you. However this is unfortunately not without effort…

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i will look into a new install of openhab to v. 4 then, i hope that would fix my problems. for now ill just manage it through the app.

If any have suggestions in how to fix, please let me know. :slight_smile: